Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Must Blog About Something

Once upon a time I found blogging rather theraputic.  Throughout the day I would say to myself, "Now I should blog about that."  It could funny little bits of stuff, or just the ordinary run of the mill happenings.  Whatever it was, it was enjoyable to write about it.

Recently I've found myself in a stage of life where I want to spend less time on the internet, and it seems one of the first things to go was my blogging.  For some my lack of communication has been disappointting, I'm quite sorry.  For others still I think having one less blog to read is a relief (you have spoken up to me directly regarding your feelings, but I know you are out there).

I've begun to think I need to strike a middle ground, where I try to blog atleast once a month maybe more (though I don't imagine I'll get carried away).

I attribute my new ambition to the movie Julie/Julia which I saw this weekend.  It wasn't necessarily the blogging part of the movie I liked so much, it's the creativity of the blog I LOVED!!  How awesome to have taken such a task as working through Julia Child's cookbook and turned it into a year long blog. 

Though I simply don't have the time for such a task, I do appreciate the creativity, commitment and wonderful cooking that went into that project.  And what a delightful movie to come from it :) 

Maybe one of these days I'll stumble across an idea I feel as passionately about and turn it into a regular blog, or maybe I won't :)