Saturday, June 20, 2009

I had a Great Aunt Jo (one of my Mom's aunts), who shared with us two very important prayers. The context of these prayers is the failing health Aunt Jo experienced in her 90's. At this time she was in almost constant pain and considered legally blind, yet we never heard a complaint from her. Instead, she sought to be a blessing to those around her.

She told us one day that she prayed two prayers each and every day during this season of her life. Each night before going to sleep she would ask the Lord to take her home to His Glory. Each morning when she found herself waking to another day, her first prayer was that the Lord would make her a blessing to someone else that day.

She explained to us, that God had a purpose for EACH day of her life, and she wanted to be a part of that purpose for ALL the days He had for her here. In her way of thinking it didn't matter that she couldn't see, or that pain was a constant in those last days (years), God still had a purpose for her.

I was thinking of Aunt Jo's prayers this morning when I woke, and asked the Lord to make a blessing to others today. It wasn't long after my prayer time when I went online and discovered and old college friend of mine went to be with the Lord on Thursday.

After the first shock, hearing of her death, I began to think back about the person she was. I knew her for only a short time while I attended school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, yet she was a blessing to me during that time. She was one of those people who helped me to feel at home in a place very distant from the only home I had ever known until then.

Kelli was her name; and she became my walking partner, my cheesecake eating buddy, my partner in crime (we might have pulled a prank together), and let's not forget all those clean dishes we put away at our campus job. Those were just some of the activities we shared, her friendship also meant a lot of laughter, encouragement, and a sympathetic ear. It's been almost ten years now since I've seen her, but the memories of those days will go with me for a lifetime.

It's through Kelli's life and the life of my Aunt Jo that I begin to understand what it means to live for Christ each and every day, ALL the days of our lives. Yes, sometimes that ALL seems to be cut terribly short, and we grapple to understand why that is. Yet, I sit here tonight and thank the Lord for Kelli's life and the love she shared with me and so many other people. We know now that she's resting in the arms of her Savior and Lord!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Have Made the Transition...

...I've officially become like my Mom.

It all started the day I was born, looking very much like my Mom (except I was jaudice - yellow looking - but that all disappeared in a couple of days).

From that point on I lived under the same roof as my Mom for eighteen plus years, and she just gradually rubbed off on me :)

These days I find myself in moments where I'm forced to admit that I'm acting just like my Mom. The most recent of these events was when I went about choosing paint colors for my home in Bridgewater. Normally I've been attracted to COLOR, not necessarily dark bold colors, but not WHITE. My Mom on the other hand has always liked whites that have a tint of another color to them.

We use to tease her about not going with color on her walls. Now that her and Dad are completing their new home, they've added color to each of the rooms. Because the axis of the earth suddenly shifted with that decision on my Mom's part, I had to be the one to bring balance again and went with different shades of white in my house :)

So, for those of you asking for pictures of my painting project don't get too excited, different shades of white don't pick up too well for the camera. You'll just have to think off colors of white with bright white semi-gloss trim and you'll have the right picture in your mind. For such a small home (with low ceilings too) going with warm tones of white was the right choice. The house feels much more open than if I had a darker color palate in mind.

For those of you who want to see the different shades of white you're welcome to come and visit me any time. If you come in the afternoons this week, just wear you're paint clothes, I've got a rollor or brush you can use.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fresh Paint

Since returning from Utah I've been renting a small home my parent's own (separate from where they live). They've pretty much given me free rein to make any modifications I want to the's a really old home and they are beyond caring about the place.

I haven't really done much with the place in the last year because I've been working and living at Sandal House. Since my time with the teen mothers is coming to an end I've been preparing my move back to the home in Bridgewater.

I like to think this home has some character to it, and just needs a little TLC. Over the last couple of weeks I've been administering that tender loving care in the form of a fresh coat of paint for all the rooms. I'd say I'm about half way through the project and it's looking more daunting each day (that's painting for you).

The transformation though is absolutely amazing. Every once in awhile I stand back and look at the wall, trim or door I've just painted and I think how beautiful it's all becoming. I truly can't wait for the painting to be complete so I can begin the decorating with curtains and wall hangings/pictures.

Also, once the painting is complete the new flooring will go in...YEAH!! New carpeting and vinyl floor for all the rooms. I'm just so excited by all the changes to my haven and sanctuary.

Just think once I put in all this work on the interior I can move my efforts to exterior with painting and gardening...oh goodie!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Favorite Time of Year

It's my favorite time of year, that time each year when all the farmers get out their tractors and hit the open road.

Most motorist would disagree with me, and say that tractors are slower on the roads and a hinderance to normal traffic flow. Personally, I love slowing down somewhat and enjoying the view. It's an added bonus that often I recognize different farmers on their tractors and enjoy waving a greeting to them.

Having lived in both city and rural environments, I realize the idea of tractors mingling with other motorists is a "country" novelty. It's definitely one of the benefits of living in the country. I mean who doesn't enjoy a tractor!!

I remember how my high school even had a bring your tractor to school day. How "country" is that? During my brother's senior year he won for biggest was a nice Dad even named her (sorry I can't remember her name at the moment...but it was definitely a "her").

When I think of tractors I also think of my good friend Kyle. There have been several times he's made me laugh over the phone with his tractor talk. One afternoon when I was living in Utah I called Kyle back in Virginia and tried talking to him. Before he even said hello it was, "hold on let me turn off my tractor." Okay, I know that's not particularly funny, but for a country girl who had been living too long in a big city, it was unexpected and therefore very amusing. Plus, you have to know Kyle, the whole comment was said with this great accent.

Though I never would have said I was one of those girls who cared what kind of vehicle a guy drove, I've been thinking lately that it helps if he's driving a TRACTOR. Let me clarify for the public at large I'm NOT interested in the John Deere's much better if the tractor is red or blue (New Holland, Case, Ford, etc.) Let's not have any of that green and yellow stuff :)
Though this picture was taken about six months ago, it's the best picture I have of a cutie on a tractor. It's of one of the little ones that lived at Sandal House. We went on a field trip to visit a local farm. Just goes to show everyone looks good on a tractor!!