Saturday, June 20, 2009

I had a Great Aunt Jo (one of my Mom's aunts), who shared with us two very important prayers. The context of these prayers is the failing health Aunt Jo experienced in her 90's. At this time she was in almost constant pain and considered legally blind, yet we never heard a complaint from her. Instead, she sought to be a blessing to those around her.

She told us one day that she prayed two prayers each and every day during this season of her life. Each night before going to sleep she would ask the Lord to take her home to His Glory. Each morning when she found herself waking to another day, her first prayer was that the Lord would make her a blessing to someone else that day.

She explained to us, that God had a purpose for EACH day of her life, and she wanted to be a part of that purpose for ALL the days He had for her here. In her way of thinking it didn't matter that she couldn't see, or that pain was a constant in those last days (years), God still had a purpose for her.

I was thinking of Aunt Jo's prayers this morning when I woke, and asked the Lord to make a blessing to others today. It wasn't long after my prayer time when I went online and discovered and old college friend of mine went to be with the Lord on Thursday.

After the first shock, hearing of her death, I began to think back about the person she was. I knew her for only a short time while I attended school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, yet she was a blessing to me during that time. She was one of those people who helped me to feel at home in a place very distant from the only home I had ever known until then.

Kelli was her name; and she became my walking partner, my cheesecake eating buddy, my partner in crime (we might have pulled a prank together), and let's not forget all those clean dishes we put away at our campus job. Those were just some of the activities we shared, her friendship also meant a lot of laughter, encouragement, and a sympathetic ear. It's been almost ten years now since I've seen her, but the memories of those days will go with me for a lifetime.

It's through Kelli's life and the life of my Aunt Jo that I begin to understand what it means to live for Christ each and every day, ALL the days of our lives. Yes, sometimes that ALL seems to be cut terribly short, and we grapple to understand why that is. Yet, I sit here tonight and thank the Lord for Kelli's life and the love she shared with me and so many other people. We know now that she's resting in the arms of her Savior and Lord!

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Lana said...

I love the prayers that your Aunt Jo prayed. They are a good reminder of how we all should live.