Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Favorite Time of Year

It's my favorite time of year, that time each year when all the farmers get out their tractors and hit the open road.

Most motorist would disagree with me, and say that tractors are slower on the roads and a hinderance to normal traffic flow. Personally, I love slowing down somewhat and enjoying the view. It's an added bonus that often I recognize different farmers on their tractors and enjoy waving a greeting to them.

Having lived in both city and rural environments, I realize the idea of tractors mingling with other motorists is a "country" novelty. It's definitely one of the benefits of living in the country. I mean who doesn't enjoy a tractor!!

I remember how my high school even had a bring your tractor to school day. How "country" is that? During my brother's senior year he won for biggest tractor...it was a nice tractor...my Dad even named her (sorry I can't remember her name at the moment...but it was definitely a "her").

When I think of tractors I also think of my good friend Kyle. There have been several times he's made me laugh over the phone with his tractor talk. One afternoon when I was living in Utah I called Kyle back in Virginia and tried talking to him. Before he even said hello it was, "hold on let me turn off my tractor." Okay, I know that's not particularly funny, but for a country girl who had been living too long in a big city, it was unexpected and therefore very amusing. Plus, you have to know Kyle, the whole comment was said with this great accent.

Though I never would have said I was one of those girls who cared what kind of vehicle a guy drove, I've been thinking lately that it helps if he's driving a TRACTOR. Let me clarify for the public at large I'm NOT interested in the John Deere variety...it's much better if the tractor is red or blue (New Holland, Case, Ford, etc.) Let's not have any of that green and yellow stuff :)
Though this picture was taken about six months ago, it's the best picture I have of a cutie on a tractor. It's of one of the little ones that lived at Sandal House. We went on a field trip to visit a local farm. Just goes to show everyone looks good on a tractor!!


Kate said...

I'm gonna have to disagree....none of this blue and red stuff!

Green and Yellow all the way! :-D

haha. I know I live in the country when I've found myself giving myself extra time to get somewhere in case I get behind a tractor! :-)

Fisher's said...

Way to not rush through life trying to speed around the slower tractors and enjoy the simple things! In fact, I had to slow down myself and shimmy over to the shoulder of the road this morning so a tractor hauling his first harvest of hay could drive by. It made me hum the tune of the song sung by Alabama "... I'd like to thank you for your time; you work a 40 hour week for a living just to send it on down the line."

Great Post!