Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fresh Paint

Since returning from Utah I've been renting a small home my parent's own (separate from where they live). They've pretty much given me free rein to make any modifications I want to the's a really old home and they are beyond caring about the place.

I haven't really done much with the place in the last year because I've been working and living at Sandal House. Since my time with the teen mothers is coming to an end I've been preparing my move back to the home in Bridgewater.

I like to think this home has some character to it, and just needs a little TLC. Over the last couple of weeks I've been administering that tender loving care in the form of a fresh coat of paint for all the rooms. I'd say I'm about half way through the project and it's looking more daunting each day (that's painting for you).

The transformation though is absolutely amazing. Every once in awhile I stand back and look at the wall, trim or door I've just painted and I think how beautiful it's all becoming. I truly can't wait for the painting to be complete so I can begin the decorating with curtains and wall hangings/pictures.

Also, once the painting is complete the new flooring will go in...YEAH!! New carpeting and vinyl floor for all the rooms. I'm just so excited by all the changes to my haven and sanctuary.

Just think once I put in all this work on the interior I can move my efforts to exterior with painting and gardening...oh goodie!


Lana said...

So...where are the pictures?

Stacey said...

Yes I agree I want pictures.... andI want to knowwhat color you are painting everything? hopefully they are colorful and not just plain white, you know because I am boycotting White Paint. ;0)

Davene said...

Thanks again, Jenn, for dropping by today and bringing me those goodies. I was SO surprised and encouraged!!! :) You really made my day!