Monday, June 15, 2009

I Have Made the Transition...

...I've officially become like my Mom.

It all started the day I was born, looking very much like my Mom (except I was jaudice - yellow looking - but that all disappeared in a couple of days).

From that point on I lived under the same roof as my Mom for eighteen plus years, and she just gradually rubbed off on me :)

These days I find myself in moments where I'm forced to admit that I'm acting just like my Mom. The most recent of these events was when I went about choosing paint colors for my home in Bridgewater. Normally I've been attracted to COLOR, not necessarily dark bold colors, but not WHITE. My Mom on the other hand has always liked whites that have a tint of another color to them.

We use to tease her about not going with color on her walls. Now that her and Dad are completing their new home, they've added color to each of the rooms. Because the axis of the earth suddenly shifted with that decision on my Mom's part, I had to be the one to bring balance again and went with different shades of white in my house :)

So, for those of you asking for pictures of my painting project don't get too excited, different shades of white don't pick up too well for the camera. You'll just have to think off colors of white with bright white semi-gloss trim and you'll have the right picture in your mind. For such a small home (with low ceilings too) going with warm tones of white was the right choice. The house feels much more open than if I had a darker color palate in mind.

For those of you who want to see the different shades of white you're welcome to come and visit me any time. If you come in the afternoons this week, just wear you're paint clothes, I've got a rollor or brush you can use.

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