Friday, July 2, 2010

The Last Two Months

It has been brought to my attention recently that I haven't posted on my blog in the last two months. This has been disappointing to all my avid readers out there (the whole half dozen of you) that waited on baited breathe to hear about my new adventures/insights.

It's not that I haven't had anything to blog about in the last two months; it's just that the juiciest bits were not open to the public and therefore my life was not quite the open book it normally is (which makes blogging rather difficult). In the last week a few details have been ironed out and I now feel more at liberty to share what has been taking place in my life.

First, I got a new job!! I'll be working with Select Airparts in Weyers Cave beginning July 14th. The application and interview process was a bit extensive for this position, so I appreciate all the support and prayers I received from different co-workers and friends.

This week has also brought a new change to my living arrangements, I now have a roommate. My good friend Stephanie Y. moved into the house with me, and we're currently trying to find space for both her and my belongings. I'm looking forward to this new adventure of friendship and house sharing.

The not so hush-hush aspects of the last two months, include time and transition spent at church. At Weaver's Mennonite we were excited to welcome our new lead pastor, Phil Kanagy. I've really enjoyed getting to know Phil and his wife Janine better; they have been such a breath of fresh air to our church family. I've REALLY enjoyed Phil's sermons on Sunday mornings and absolutely hate when my schedule keeps me from attending (that's only happened a time or two – and I was absolutely miserable about missing out).

I've also been excited about some conversations that have begun in our church family about Young Adult ministries. Several of the young adults, like myself, have begun planning for times of worship, mentorship, biblestudy, fellowship, etc. This has been a challenge in our church family before, and I'm excited to see where God is leading us in the coming months.

So between changes in my career, home life, and church fellowship, my life has felt quite like a shaken snow globe here of late. In this last week it has become more like a snow globe that is settling it's snowy pieces after being shaken. At this time I'm appreciating the beauty of watching all the pieces fall into place.

Again, thanks to all of you who have had me in your prayers and thoughts over the last several months!!


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