Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Fresh New Start

About three years ago I joined the "blogger world", and I kept up semi-regular posts for two and a half years. Then last November I lost all motivation for blogging; I know it's quite sad.

So, why did I lose my (semi)passion for blogging, and what got me started in it in the first place? One word, UTAH!!

Three years ago in May, I moved myself out to Utah. As a way staying in touch with family and friends, as a method for venting the everyday, I began to blog. Last November I moved back to Virginia after two and a half years in Utah. At the time I was way too busy to blog, then completely unmotivated to do so (I live near my family now), and it didn't seem I had anything to share.

I felt all that until recently. In the last several weeks I've been itching to write about the "everyday" again. I can't promise I'll keep regular and consistent entries, but atleast I won't mysteriously vanish for six months again.

There were stories to share about Utah, and there are stories to share about Virginia, so prepare yourself.

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Jill said...

Yay Jen... It's still Jen right?!? I am thrilled to hear how you are doing. Keep in touch, my friend.