Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Started...

Already I'm getting emails (I should say email -singular - don't want to over exgerrate this) regarding my blog.

One of my best friends, Emily Huffman, sent me an email yesterday. She was excited about my new blog, but concerned with whether or not I was keeping my old one out there in the ethers of time and space (the internet).

Sure, I'll keep my old blog open to the public. It's great for me, and others, to look back with fondness and trepidation of the events of time's past.

So, if you want a walk down memory lane just you'll find those posts at Jenwinker's Journal.

Of course, I won't be adding anything new to that journal, so continue to come on back to "Life In Another Valley" (that's the name of this current blog) for the most up to date information on ME.

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