Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The other day I was on Facebook catching up on some photos my friends had posted. As I looked I came across photos my good friend Olivia had posted on a picnic of the African Refugees of Salt Lake City.
When I lived in Salt Lake City I volunteered some with tutoring the African Refugee children, so I was excited to see the photos. Olivia's photos also had pictured many of my good friends who also volunteered their time with the refugees.
As I was flipping through the photos I came across the following of Stacie Heffield and her daughter Alyssa. I commented out loud to myself, "Oh look, there is Stacie and Alyssa, and look it's Brendan in the background."
Then I flipped to the next photo. After a few seconds a thought came to me, "Brendan?" My Virginia friend Brendan, in the background of a photo of my Salt Lake City friends.
The first time I had flipped through the picture as if there was nothing amiss with Brendan being in the background of the photo. After flipping back to the photo I remembered that Brendan had recently made a trip out to Salt Lake City for work and I had him meet with my friends the evening of the picnic. I had completely forgotten that he had been there.
It's strange having my two worlds collide, but I love it!!
The following photo was also taken by Olivia. It's of two of my favorite guy friends, Brendan and Jake. Again, I love that my two worlds have collided. I think so much of all my family and friends, so it's great when they are able to meet one another.
By the way, for all you ladies out there, these two handsome men are single :) Just email if you're interested. Jake and Brendan, you two can thank me later.

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Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

Hi Jenn!

It's Christa from your Utah world. You have been so missed since you left but it's good to see that you are doing well. I love that Brendan and Jake are together in a photo even when you are not around. That's just one example of how your fingerprints are still here in Utah. I think about you all the time and I hope you'll come visit us sometime soon!