Thursday, July 24, 2008

This Old House...

The Basement - where I use to rollerblade as a child

The Family height chart on the door of the basement.

The master bedroom - which was once my old room before my parents added onto the house and took over the larger space.

The upstairs hallway - I have great memories of standing right where this picture was taken and trying to sneak past my parent's bedroom door (which was the first door on the right). By the way, those old wood floors creak, but I know every spot in which they do. It's quite a dance walking down the hallway without making the floors creak.

The room we always called the company room growing up. Guess where all the company visited? ;)

The old living room/computer area.

The eating area.

The utility room.

Stating the obvious here...but here is the kitchen.

The dining room.

View of the house from the road.

View of the house from the back.

...well that's my old house.

Since most likely only my good friends are reading this blog (only my good friends would have the patience to wait out my long absenses from blogging), you are probably aware my parents have moved out of the house I grew up in. That's right they've sold the farm and the house went with it.

Shortly before they turned over the keys, and after all the furniture was gone, I went through the house taking pictures. Boy, did I ever take photos!! I wanted to capture that house at every possible angle so I would always remember the different views I grew up with.

I thought for the curious amoung you I would post a few of those photos for your enjoyment.

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