Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Came to Visit...

That's right, Obama came to little ol' Harrisonburg, Virginia on Tuesday and caused quite a stir. He spoke at James Madison University, which happens to be only a few miles from where I work and live. So, I did my part of staying out of the way. I didn't want to deal with the crowds or traffic.

At lunch I stayed in the office, not even attempting to go out on the town and run errands. And then at the end of the work day I took a different route home in an effort not to get tied up in traffic. I almost succeeded there.

It was on my way home from work when I was stopped at an intersection that meets with one of the exits leaving JMU, that I got my first taste of the madness the event created. There was a man in a suit and tie (very respectable looking) carrying a flag (not American - though I didn't recognize it) running around the intersection yelling, "Down with Obama. Down with Obama."

Wow!! Talk about crazy. He was arrested in short order, and removed from the intersection. The traffic resumed it's normal patterns and I made my way on home. Fortunately for me I get to take away a terrific memory of the time Obama visited my home city.


Jill said...

I'm wondering if you would rate that man conservative or not! :) I think you were here when President Bush came through Utah.

Have a great day Jen.


Melissa said...

It was so nice to hear from you on my blog. I'm so happy that you tracked me down. I'm going to put you on my list of blogger friends, I hope that's okay. It's so nice to hear that you seem to be doing so well. I'm glad you're happy where you're living. We sure miss you lots!