Monday, November 3, 2008

Aviation Lingo and other things I don't understand...

Yesterday evening I was on my computer IM'ing with a friend of mine, Brendan. During the course of our conversation he mentioned that the company he works for Dynamic Aviation was missing a plane in Guyana (that's in South America if you're not too familiar with your geography).

Being that this was a typed conversation on what I refer to as Impersonal Messanger (IM) I missed out on the importance of what he was sharing with me. It hit me after our conversation that "missing plane" in aviation lingo means it most likely went down from the the air and they don't know where it is now. Not a good thing for those onboard the aircraft.

When I was having my conversation with Brendan being the eternal optomist that I am I thought what he meant was that a plane had gone missing from a hanger (more like stolen) and the company was out looking for it. Okay, so a stolen plane isn't the most optomistic thought, but it's a lot better than a crashed plane.

But back to the missing plane, there were two local guys onboard and one person likely from Canada. At this time I haven't read or heard anything to say that they've found them or the plane. Please be in prayer for them, their families and friends. We don't always understand why events like this take place, but we can know that God is always in control and loves us unconditionally.

If you're interested in the latest news at this time (at the time I'm writing the post) please follow the link below.

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