Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Camera...

The following are my first photos with the new camera.
A smaller version of a larger chocolate cake that we made at Sandal House for one of the girl's Thanksgiving meals. The larger cake was for the Thanksgiving meal, and this smaller version I created to give to my family. The misshapen chocolate object you see at the top of the cake, is a cluster of chocolate roses (you can't appreciate them from this angle).

The beautiful red roses Emily Kate gave me for my birthday. Well, actually the guy on the gift bag gave them to me, but that's a great story Emily and I will keep between the two of us :)

Also, I took a picture of the beautiful flowers my five year old cousin Maddie picked out for me with the help of my sister Lora. Thank you Maddie and Lora, they're really LOVELY!!

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Stacey said...

I hope I did not miss your birthday altogether but I am guessing that I did.
Hope it was nice,
Loves S