Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tears Watering My Eyes...

In the middle of my busy, hectic day yesterday I met one little four year old boy who made me stop and think, and also shed some tears.

This precious little child was born of a mother who abused alcohol and drugs during her pregnancy, and the effects are now for her son to bear. At four years old this little boy cannot put together a coherent sentence. Sure, he'll have a bright and lively conversation with you, but the words often don't make sense or if it is a word that is appropriate for the sentence it's badly pronounced. Mostly he talks nonsense words that aren't even in the english language.

From my short time with this little I could tell he was a sweet, beautiful child, who just loves to please others. He's very animated in his play, and has this amazing smile that just shines forth with joy.

I was so touched by this small child I wanted to share him with all of you through my blog. I also wanted to share with you an article I found online by the March of Dimes. Here it is, Enjoy!

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