Thursday, November 13, 2008

As You Get Older...

I've been hanging around a good number of teenage girls these days (I'd say it comes with the territory of being a house mom to a teen mother home). One thing I've been noticing when it comes to me and these teens is the difference in our perspectives on shopping.

For starters, I don't enjoy shopping. I'm usually overwhelmed with all the options and end up buying the first thing I really like and getting out of the store. I'm certainly not one for browsing, but I do need to feel like I'm getting a bargain. So, when I say I end up buying the first thing I like, that like factor has as much to do about price as it does how it looks on me.

One of the teens I know keeps bringing home to me our differences in shopping. Everytime she has a new item she mentions the price of the item (okay that's not unlike me). With her the larger the price tag the more pride she takes in the item. HA! I'm aghast at that kind of pride, for me I find satisfaction in being able to tell my friends how little I paid for a particular item.

I'm sure one of these days I'll play the following game with the teens: I'll have them go around to the stores showing me all these items that they like, then I'll go around and show them where they can get the same or similiar item for considerably less money. Yeah, we'll be bargain shopping then.

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Stacey said...

You go girl.... Chalenge them to find something they really like and only spend $20 or less on it. maybe $19.95 I think it is a really good concept to learn especially in these times.