Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Year in the Fast Lane

October 31, 2008 marked a rather memorable anniversery for me. For it was on October 31, 2007 that I drove my car out of Salt Lake City, Utah and headed back east to Virginia. In 2007 that date fell on a Wednesday, in 2008 that date fell on a Friday (you can thank a leap year for the extra day). It just so happens that in 2007 after three full days of driving I arrived in Virginia on a Friday.

So, this year when Friday, October 31st came around it was both the anniversery of my departure from Utah and my arrival to Virginia. On that day I didn't know whether to be happy or sad, so I choose to reflect on the directions God's taken me in life.

That God led me out west to Utah to gave me the opportunity to be part of the community, I'm infinitely blessed by that experience. That God brought me back to Virginia to be part of my community of family members and friends, for that I am blessed.

I know without doubt that when I follow in the the Lord's leading I will experience His love and blessing. It might not always be easy, but He'll always be there.


Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

For that entire year you have been so missed. Following God's lead is always the best decision anyone can make.

truthsekr said...

Hey Jen,
I bet you don't remember me. It is your long lost, I hope still friend from Utah, Becky:). I follow your blog as much as I can but things are just crazy. We have been remodeling, remodeling for months now but are wrapping up. I miss you very much and I am so happy to see God using you in so many ways. I hope to talk to you soon but I will understand if you don't get the chance. I hope you forgive me for these months we haven't talked. You are still very special to me. :) Love Becky