Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What the Trashbag Held...

While in Highland County this past weekend, my one Uncle stopped by for a visit with my Granddad and I. He asked me to go out to his truck and bring him the trashbag that was in the back. The bag seemed a little heavy, but nothing unusual. It wasn't until my Uncle opened the bag and brought out a bear head with blood still coming from it that I realized what I was so closely holding.

I didn't get that first picture of the bear head resting on the ground next to the splattered blood all over the outside porch. It's too bad I missed that kodak moment :)

I was able to get these later photos. The bear was one that had been treed by hunting dogs and killed that morning, so it was nice fresh.

Here's a picture of my Uncle's dog, Red, with the bear's head. Red was one of the dogs that enjoyed the hunting expedition earlier that morning.

My Uncle wouldn't stand in front the camera to have his picture taken with the bear's head. He told me if I wanted his picture it would be the back end only...I complied :) Here's my Uncle picking up his bear head to re-bag. I've entitled the photo "Obstinate Uncle" I think it's very fitting :)

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Stacey said...

wow! A bear a really real bear! wow! I am shocked that was the last thing I would ever have expected in there. But why? was it for the meat or was the bear a terrorist? or just a man thing,you know thrill of the hunt and all?
what happened to the rest of the bear? I am so curious now. was there another bag with the rest of the bear in it? How heavy was the head? are you used to this kind of thing? was the bears fur soft? I would have been touching him and figuring if he was fuzzy soft or coarse etc. was it a boy or a girl bear? So many questions I have.... like a child I guess. I can't wait to show the kids this post!