Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long Absences Make the Heart Grow Fonder...

...or in this case my readership just gets tired of waiting around for me to update my blog, and they go off in search of the "greener pastures" of more fruitful blogs.

And who can blame them, almost three weeks and not a chirp or squeak out of me. You'd think I hadn't anything wonderful to share from the holiday season. At the very least I could have posted messages wishing you all a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year (which I hoped was had by all).

Nope, you didn't get any of that from me. And yet, if you're reading this post I have some hope that you haven't given up on my entirely in this new year.

So, I ask myself, should I make a New Year's resolution to blog more often? I think not, it would just end in disillusionment and frustration for us all (like most New Year's resolutions). Or should I promise to add colorful photos illustrating each post? Gosh, that would require me actually using my camera on a consistent basis, we know that's not going to happen.

This is what I can tell you if you're still hanging around reading my blog, I'm quite possibly the most fallible human I knowing. Just getting through each day takes the intimate knowledge that God is bestowing His priceless grace upon me. I'm also certain that if you enjoy reading this blog there will come times when I'll need your grace as well.

Welcome 2009 a Year of Peace and Grace!!


Stacey said...

I am so happy that you are still with us....LOL....
happy new year
I love the new look of the blog too.
Loves S

Davene said...

I'm still here, reading what you write, whenever you write it. "Blogging without obligation" is a button I see on some people's blogs, and I think it's great. :)

I've wanted to talk with you in person recently, but unfortunately my path hasn't crossed with yours. First, I wanted to apologize for not coming over and spending an evening at Sandal House. I still want to do that! And I have another friend, a mom of 3 children, pregnant with her 4th, who I thought might be interested in that, too. I haven't mentioned it to her, but would it be OK if I did that?

Second, have you thought about going on that PIM trip to Nazareth this summer? For what it's worth, I think you should consider it. :)

Kate said...

Hey Jen! I was at Davene's today and your name came up so I thought I'd check out your blog again! I have one too if you'd care to keep tabs on what I'm up to (though I have a hard time updating frequently!...) www.xanga.com/ADifferentKindOfFree
Hope you're doing well!
~Kate Sacra