Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mt. Dew and a Post-it

So, this evening I'm sitting here catching up on my blog reading. That's the time in my day when I sit at the computer, and see which one of my friends has been busily updating their blog for my enjoyment.

For each blog that I follow I've posted their link on my sidebar (right). For the most part the sidebar notifies me when an update to the blog has been made. It's simply an easy task of reading through the latest updates.
There is one exception to the update notification and that is my friend Brendan's blog. For some reason (completely befuddling me), it doesn't alert me when he makes an update. This would be very frustrating if it weren't for the fact that Brendan isn't interested in blogging with regularity. I can check his blog once or twice a month and know if he's updated.

This evening though I was in for a surprise, Brendan Blogged!!

Not only that, he dedicated the entry to me, so I'm returning the favor Bren :)

Here's the entry if you're curious.

In his entry Brendan mentioned that I encouraged him to drink Mt. Dew by purchasing some for him. He also mentions a note in which I point out that the Mt. Dew should be used "only in case of extreme need."
I need to set the record straight I did not write that note to Brendan (sorry to disappoint you Bren). That note (very same piece of paper) was written to me by my good friend Jake out in Utah shortly before I left for my move back to Virginia. As a parting gift Jake handed me a bottle of Mt. Dew and the very note Brendan mentions.

Jake knew I would be driving 36 hours in three days to make it back to Virginia, so Mt. Dew made a great gift. The note amused me so, that I kept it (it was on a Post-it) in my car for awhile. Then looking for something to write on for Brendan's Mt. Dew gift I took the Post-it note and passed it along.

Now, over a year later Brendan has triggered my memory and mentioned a note that has obviously traveled around a good bit and lived a very long life (for a piece of Post-it paper).

This whole episode of Brendan mentioning the note, that was actually written by Jake, also reminds me of how they were able to meet this past summer. Brendan flew out to Salt Lake City for work (oh I was so jealous) and had some free time in his schedule. He ended up attending a picnic with a good number of my friends (I was REALLY jealous). I was happy though that my Utah friends were able to meet one of my Virginia friends and my Virginia friend was able to meet my Utah friends (if only I had been there...can't tell that I was jealous can you?)

Here's a photo I've posted previously, but thought you'd might like to see again. It's of Brendan and Jake at the picnic this past summer (Gosh, I wish I had been there).

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Brendan said...

and look! neither one is drinking mt dew in that photo.