Friday, April 24, 2009

Biscuits and Gravy...

During my later teen years and into my early twenties I spent my summers working at a local youth camp. I loved those summers, being in nature and spending time with kids, was the ultimate job for me back then. It didn't pay much, but then again I didn't have bills to pay back then (thanks Dad and Mom). What it lacked in pay it more than made up for in other "bonuses", one being the Wednesday morning biscuits and gravy.

That breakfast was so routine and delicious the counselors even came up with a little song (that had motions) to express our joy on that particular morning. To this day whenever I have biscuits and gravy I'm transported back to Wednesday morning at camp.

This morning I arose from my short sleep (after a very long day yesterday and an even longer night) and began preparations for biscuits and gravy. At Sandal House we were having guests over for breakfast and we needed to impress.

For the buttermilk biscuits I put all my dry ingredients in a bowl and sifted together as I watched the sunrise out my kitchen window. The sky was a mix of beautiful colors as I cut in my butter and added the wet ingredients. There was good light streaming through the kitchen window by the time I was cutting out my biscuits.

As the biscuits went into the oven I began to brown the most delicious pork sausage. I heard the birds begin to chirp as the sausage began to sing in the pan. I saw a couple birds flying back and forth before the window as I browned flour into the cooked sausage. Then came the sound I love so much, the first hiss as the cold milk hits the hot pan and picks up all that wonderful brown flour. I stirred until the gravy became thick and added my seasonings.

Everything came together right on time. Our guest arrived and we sat down to warm biscuits with hot gravy poured on top. That's how a body should start out their day!


Lana said...

Yes the biscuits and gravy at camp was amazing, but it also helped that it was the one morning of the week that we did not have to fight with a morning fire.

Amy said...

Alright Jenn, you made me hungry for this now!! I'm going to have to go grocery shopping and make this--more likely for supper!!