Friday, August 7, 2009

Country Life

I'm back living in Bridgewater, in a cozy house on Airport Road. I love it there, the scenery (at this time cornfields almost surround me), my neighbors, and of course the peace and quiet. After living the last thirteen months in busy downtown Harrisonburg, the peace and quiet is most certainly welcome.

It's a welcome change, yet it hasn't necessarily been an easy change. I went from being responsible for a home that included myself and up to six others, to just having to take care of myself. I find that it isn't the responsibility that I miss (I'm enjoying the freedom from added responsibility) it's being alone that's harder to handle. Don't get me wrong I definitely need time to myself, just not too much time. I miss having people around me, the noises and fellowship they bring. As it is now, when I'm home by myself (which is most of the time) I can't get over how quiet it is and how lonely.

Another change is the lack of ready entertainment. In Harrisonburg if I wanted to entertain myself I could easily walk or bike to a number of different attractions; parks, libraries, restaurants, etc. Also, Sandal House was equipped with internet and cable television. Now I would never have thought that I came to depend on the internet or the television, but I'm finding that doing without either is harder than I thought it would be. I really dislike having become so accostume to both the internet and cable, that I'm determined to live without them for awhile and then make a decision if I'd like them later.

I'm already finding that both the internet and cable had become distractions for me. I was using time with both of those items that I've begun to use in more healthy ways. First, I'm reading more (actually I always read alot, but now it's even more). I'm in the kitchen more. I'm practicing the piano more. I'm outdoors more. I just have more time. Those are the advantages. The disadvantages are having to schedule my internet time at either the library or my parents, which could mean not even being able to check my email on a given day (that's difficult when I'm hoping to hear back from different possible employers). I also enjoyed watching the Food Network while I worked in the kitchen :) I've replaced that habit with listening to Praise and Worship music while I work.

So far that is life in the country. I'm enjoying being back on Airport Road, but still have some adjustments to make.

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