Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In Honor Of... friend Jake. Today is Jake Tillett's Birthday! On the count of three let's all say, "Happy Birthday Jake."

One...Two...Three.... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!"

After all that, I hope Jake is in the habit of reading my blog :)

I certainly read his, and I highly recommend you check out his latest post. Jake is quite gifted with words and I'm certain you'll find him amusing and enjoyable to read, even if you don't know him. If you ever get the chance, I also recommend getting to know him :)

I met Jake one Sunday morning shortly after he moved to Salt Lake City. He came visiting Discovery Christian Community Church, where I had been attending for the last year. After church services, as was many in the church's habit, we went out for lunch. Jake wasn't familiar with the area yet, and I offered him a ride to the restaurant. That was the start to our friendship, though it really got going when Jake kindly helped me paint the church coffee house (I always like people who help me paint).

For the next year and a half before I left Utah for Virginia I spent time with Jake (and several other of my "Utah Guys"...Tommy, Fou, and Jake). Lot of wonderful memories there! Then about a year and a half after I left Utah, Jake also left Utah for Mali, Africa.

That's where you can find him now, working in a clinic as a nurse. So, today I wish him a Happy Birthday and continued blessing as he serves the Lord so far from home. Philippians 1:6

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