Friday, March 12, 2010

From my Heart to Yours...

I first heard of Bridges while living in Salt Lake City.  Bridges was a seminar put on locally by Salt Lake Theological Seminary; that equipped Christians with understanding regarding Mormons, and a loving approach to sharing the gospel message with them.

In the years since I moved back to Virginia, Bridges seminars have continued in Utah and beyond, though they are now sponsored by the Western Institute for Intercultural Studies. 

Recently, I've begun sharing Bridges with local congregations in Virginia, and I'm excited to share this ministry with other churches in the weeks, months and years to come.

Though this will sound biased (and I'm definitely biased), Bridges is a wonderful learning experience.  If you've ever had a desire to share the love of Christ with your Latter-day Saint friends, neighbors, and co-workers, but have felt ill-equipped to do so, then Bridges is for you. 

It is a day long seminar (about 6-7 hours with breaks included), that combines video segements, workbook exercises, group discussion, and of course with me faciliating their are some stories from my own personal experience.  The material covered in Bridges is segmented in five models:

  • Legacy The founding and perseverance of the LDS church through its history to its present prosperity.

  • Tapestry of Theology Understanding the basics of LDS vocabulary, doctrine and teachings.

  • The Journey Out Former Mormons share their experiences in LDS culture and the ways in which God drew them to experience His grace.

  • Bridging the Gap The Do’s and Dont’s of successful evangelism. How to make the Good News sound like “good” news to Mormons.

  • Community of Grace How to surround former Mormons with a loving church community that meets their individual and family needs.

At present I'm working to present this information to local congregations, pastors, sunday school classes, small groups, etc.  If you have a desire to experience Bridges for yourself, please feel free to contact.

**Oh, and don't let money be an issue for you or your congregation.  I'm freely giving my time to present Bridges and there is only a small fee ($10 plus some shipping and handling) for the workbooks used in Bridges.

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