Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

With a heart full of gratitude I was able to enjoy the richest of blessings this Thanksgiving.  My day was spent with so many loved ones; my friends and family.

My immediate family has a tradition of attending the restaurant named Traditions on Thanksgiving day for an early lunch.  It's always nice to spend that family time with each other, especially now that my brother Brent is living in North Carolina, and we don't see each other as much.  This particular year we decided to arrive extra early and stand in line outside to be one of the first seated when the doors opened.  That's right, my family who doesn't care a twig about standing in long lines on Black Friday for retail deals will gladly stand in long lines for first seating at a restaurant (we've got our priorities).

The afternoon was spent getting some much needed rest!!

Then it was on to another dinner, this one was being held at my Uncle Fred and Aunt Karen's home, for the Heatwole Family.  It's not uncommon for any one of my relatives to bring a guest along to our holiday dinners, and this year I was excited to have my good friend Maurita and her brother Andy join us.  Actually, it was at the Heatwole Thanksgiving meal that I met my friend Chitra three years ago, she had been a guest of my Aunt Glennys (they had classes together at JMU).

 Maurita, a talented musician, found my Uncle Fred's upright bass (not that he was really hiding it).  Isn't she such a natural?
 When everyone else was pulling out their cameras to take posed pictures of each other at the dinner (normal behavior for a holiday meal with the Heatwoles), I was taking pictures of my Aunt Karen's centerpieces.  Aren't these variegated roses gorgeous?  
I had to take a close up on the roses so you can really see the beauty of the color.

The Lord really has blessed me with so much, a loving family, wonderful friends, and the constant beauty of His creation.  So much to praise Him for this Thanksgiving.

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