Monday, December 6, 2010

Working Toward A Green Thumb

Last winter it snowed, then snowed some more, and then it snowed even more.  I was ridiculously tired of snow by the end of winter.  It was days, weeks, and months of looking at the color white blanketing the ground, and if it wasn't white it was brown.  By the end of winter I CRAVED the color green!!

This winter I hope to keep my green cravings at bay by incorporating more houseplants into my home.  I actually started the process of adopting indoor plants last year, but my collection has enlarged this past year.  In recent years I've wanted houseplants, but moved around too much to make having one (or several) practical.  I guess I'm finally starting to settle down because I'm now into a plant frenzy.  Not only do I want to enlarge my indoor plants I'm also working on my outdoor gardens as well.

For someone who has a notoriously brown thumb I'm doing fairly well with my plants.  I'm enjoying reading about each one and finding out what makes them happy.  In turn they make me happy by greening up my home and providing such beautiful blooms and color. 

 This plant is the first one I brought home last year.  It came to me through the Virginia Mennonite Relief sale.  I decided last year at the Relief Sale to purchase a plant, and that in the years to come I would purchase a plant.  Each year I would have my Relief Sale plant, and when they became much larger I would take a start from the plant and donate it to the Relief Sale.  Just an enjoyable way to continue the cycle, and benefit many others.

This particular plant is a Monkey Plant.  In November it begins to bloom these beautiful pink blossoms for a couple months (atleast mine does).
The Monkey Plant is such an interesting plant.  When I first bought it I didn't know anything about it (not even if it would like the light my home receives).  I just really liked the name, coloring and feel of the plant, and couldn't resist the impulse to buy it over a plant I knew more about. 

This next photo is a close up of the Monkey Plant and it's beautiful blooms.  You might also note the interesting coloring of the plant.  The leaves are green with white ribbing, and underneath they have a deeper, richer purple coloring.  It's a beautiful effect!

I've been so happy with my Monkey Plant.  I've even been able to separate it once over the year I've had it, and give a start to my Mom.  My Mom's Monkey Plant has done so well she was able to make a start for my friend Maurita...and the cycle of giving continues.
The most recent plant to come home with me I received from my Aunt Karen over Thanksgiving.  I was commenting about her houseplants, and asked about getting a start of one of her philodendrons.  She in turned gave me the entire plant (she had two there). 

I've been so blessed by her generosity; the plant sits lovingly in my living room, and adds beauty to the space.

These of course are just a small viewing of the plants I've adopted.  I have several more throughout my home.  Some of my favorites are just the practical ones, like the herbs for my kitchen or the aloe in case I have a burn or cut.  It's amazing how much God has given us in His creation, all the beauty and practicality to meet our needs.

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