Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chocolate Cookie Cake

Okay, I get a lot of grief for not taking pictures of the cakes I make. Recently I've made a good number of circular two-tiered cakes (most of them chocolate). The following photos (yes I finally took photos) are of my latest creation.

The birthday girl who I made the cake for wanted a chocolate cake. She also mentioned to me that she loved cookies. This was not the most fanciest cake I've ever made, but it certainly was a hit. The chocolate chip cookie crumbs were all homemade, and they were all picked away and eaten before the cake was even finished.


Stacey said...

Ok so I just have to say "how clever are you?!!!!" the girls two faves in one cake.... and I know if those were your homemade choc. chip cookies it's no wonder they all got picked off. I think that your cake looks really great and it is fittingly fancy enough for a birthday! by the way I am missing you particularly bad today, things were not the same at Becky's with out you.... ( it was just a simple after church lunch with a few of the regulars, nothing special...)but I really missed you!!!!

love and many hugs,

Avianna said...

I too love chocolate cookies cake!! I prefer to buy cookies from Mrs. Fields Gifts...