Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New cake to be posted soon...

Here in a couple of days I'll be making a birthday cake for one of the ladies here at our office. She's a Virginia Tech graduate so I'm doing something I never thought I would, I'm making a Tech themed cake.

Of course this should make my sister happy, the Tech almnu that she is, but for me I'm not to into orange and maroon as a color scheme.

That's why this cake is going to be a white cake with white icing and then I'll highlight it with some orange and maroon. You ask how I'm going to do that. Well it's simple, I've made my own Virginia Tech (orange and maroon) candies to place on the cake.

The were surprisingly easy to make. I went online several weeks back and printed off one of the VT logos I found. I taped some wax paper on top of my template then started tracing in royal icing. Royal Icing becomes very hard (almost crunchy candi-like) when it drys out. After doing the outlining in white and orange I did a technique called "flooding" where I watered some of the royal icing down to a point where it would spread more easily and dyed it maroon. With my new color and texture I flooded what I had outlined. This dried overnight and I was left with a VT logo candy. Make several of those and I'm now ready to decorate a Virginia Tech themed cake.

I look forward to the pictures I'll have to post sometime over the weekend. Until then...I'll enjoy my baking.

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