Thursday, February 12, 2009

It Couldn't Possibly Be the Flu...AGAIN

So, I spent the better part of last week lying in bed suffering from an extreme case of the flu. It had me in a fog for Wednesday, Thursday and a good half of Friday. I can't remember having the flu that bad for some years now.

Once you get over something like that you think to yourself, Okay I'm good now for the next couple of years. Like you've paid your dues, and it shouldn't be a problem again.

So yesterday when I woke up and my stomach felt a little off I didn't think anything about it. I figured that once I ate breakfast I'd start feeling better. But breakfast didn't help, in fact it only made me feel worse.

My next solution was to get out of the house and go for a walk. I thought maybe some light exercise would help me to feel better, because at this point I was still in denial that it might be the flu (I mean I just had it last week). I took my camera and I drove out to my favorite spot to take photos, Mt. Crawford (where I grew up).

I walked up and down Airport Road taking late winter early spring photos. The whole time I felt weaker and weaker. I finally decided a little too late, that I might be really sick and should get home. At this point I was very warm to the touch and I couldn't help but think I might be sick to my stomach at any moment.

Once in my car again and on my way home I had to stop several times and just close my eyes and rest. I felt so ill I didn't even want to be driving. Upon my arrival home I wearily made my way to my bed and collapsed. For the rest of the evening and night I was between my room and my bathroom.

So, there it is, I was sick with the flu, exactly one week after getting it the first time. This time I really as if I've earned a respite of atleast a couple of years. Though I can't be certain I'll get. If I'm learning anything it's that I must have a relatively weak immune system, because if one of the girls/toddlers brings home an illness I get it, EVERY TIME.

I thought I would share a few of my pictures from yesterday:

This photo is of a locked gate leading to the North River. Back when I was growing up there was never a padlock on this gate and people in the community came here to go fishing, canoeing, etc.

I love how this photo illustrates the ending of winter in the brown grass, and the beginning of spring in green.

A beautiful creek bed littered with the cardboard of a case of beer.

This photo pretty much explains itself. I took it because it caught my eye.

Just a fun angle on a bridge that I love to photograph.

Another angle on the same bridge.

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Stacey said...

I can't believe you have to go thru this again...
I hope you start feeling better soon. Maybe you should douse the house in bleach and then maybe spray it down with something
I love the pics.

on a side note God has worked out a miracle in my little situation....Praise the Lord!!!