Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Neighbors

So, back in Bridgewater (where I have a home that's being rented out at the moment), I have the best neighbors. I've known most these people my entire life, and they certainly remember me as a kid.

Really the only two relatively new neighbors we have in the area are the guys renting my parent's old farm. The farm was bought this past year by Dynamic Aviation (an airport located on the same road as the farm), and they've rented it out to these Old Order Mennonite guys.

Now of course, I went ahead an introduced myself to them shortly after they moved in, and we've gotten along really well since then. I do believe they fit into our neighborhood just fine, they're making out to be great neighbors.

Like just this evening, I took Cecilia and Kimberlyn out to the farm to see all the animals. William Shank (one of the new neighbors) took time to let us see the cows being milked, feed the calves, feed the horses, sit on a tractor, and even sit in the buggy (that's his method of transportation). For Cecilia and Kimberlyn this was quite the experience.

As we were leaving Cecilia even asked me if we could go back to the farm some time. Like I said I think she really liked it there.

Two things really amazed me during our visit. First off, Cecilia has lived in Harrisonburg for the last five years and when I asked her if she's ever been to Bridgewater (just a 15 minute drive south - with traffic) she said NO. I think being out in the countryside is really foreign to her.

The second thing that amazed me during our visit was when we arrived to the farm and Cecilia saw the tractor by the milking parlor. She asked me, "what is that used for?"

I guess I take certain knowledge for granted, something like knowing the purpose(s) of a tractor. I'm thankful that even though her question initially took me off guard I don't believe it showed in my expression, and I was able to answer her sincerely.

Well, William told us that we were always welcome there, and I'm already looking forward to the next time we take an evening trip out to the farm. Maybe next time I'll remember to bring my camera with me :)

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