Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm on a cake rant...

Okay, so here of late all I seem to be blogging about is cakes. I promise to change that trend here soon, but not at this particular moment.

My last blog mentioned that I was on a quest to find some birthday cake ideas. What I ended up finding was more wedding cake ideas. I've since gone back on my search for birthday cake ideas and have come away with the following two examples.

First off I have to say, I've been making a LOT of chocolate cakes here lately. It's okay, I don't mind chocolate cakes I was just anxious to do something a little different. So, when I asked the birthday girl what she wanted, I have to admit I was a little disappointed to hear chocolate cake. That's when I said to myself, if I have to make another chocolate cake I'm going to make the most stellar chocolate cake I can...something a little more demanding than the simple cakes I've been making here lately.

This first photo is the cake I would like to attempt. The only problem with this cake is that it's incredibly time consuming. That's all sugar paste you see covering that cake. It would take me atleast a good two to three days to accomplish that cake. Since I'm way too busy to give up significant portions of two to three days this weekend I need to go with a simpler cake design.

That brings me to this next photo. Instead of using all sugar paste to complete there is a combination of frosting and chocolate clay/plastic (it's edible - tastes like tooties rolls) covering this creation. I've been working with with chocolate plastic here of late, but not the techiniques that this cake will require. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I've also decided to make my cake the size of the one pictured here, which for the size of the party I'm hosting will probably be a bit of an overkill. The birthday girl is one of the teens who has moved into the new Sandal House, and I want I would like her party to be somewhat special. Atleast the cake will be memoriable.
Of course there should be plenty of leftovers. Anyone want some cake???

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