Friday, March 20, 2009

All Alone...

....and loving it.

Since I moved into Sandal House back in July of 2008 I haven't had much alone time there. Well, none at all except for the first week when I moved in and got myself situated. From that second week until now I've had at least one if not all three rooms occupied by teen mothers.

I'm happy to have the girls there. Neither me nor Sandal House would be there if there wasn't a need and these young ladies do have a need.

Last Thursday though I found myself in an interesting situation. I had one girl in the house with me, and she was moving out. Suddenly the house was so quiet, no teens, no little toddlers running around. QUIET!

Here I had been going along without peace and quiet for months and months, and now suddenly when I had it I realized how much I needed it. This past week has been the most relaxing, enjoyable vacation I've had in awhile.

It's not that I haven't been busy; I've definitely been busy. I still have a full time job where I put in 40 hours a week. I've been studying for an exam I need to take here soon for my job. Also in the midst of my little mini break I decided that without young ones underfoot now would be the perfect time to get in a Spring Cleaning.

So, no I haven't been sitting around with a good book and eating chocolate (that would be nice though). But despite my lack on inactivity I still find myself relaxed. I've decided it's all about the weight of responsibility.

Without the teens around I'm not having to think about them all the time. I'm not having to wonder about the groceries in the house, have they done their chores, did they get their ride to school, etc. All I have to concentrate on is taking care of myself for a week. What a luxury!!

Through all of this down time I have had one reoccurring thought, that at this time in my life I'm happy not being a full time Mom. If and when I take on the responsibility of becoming a full time Mom I want help in the form of a spouse, and I want to have less obligations on my calendar. If I can't empty my house of a child in a couple of months (like my teens) then I need to be smart about having them in the first place :)

Until that time I'll just enjoy being a part-time Mom. I'm going to live up my last weekend of freedom and welcome my new teen on Monday.

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